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Seminar on Media and Corruption

The School of Communication and Media, jointly with the Slovak Section of Association of European Journalists, is organising a seminar at which they will present results of its research activities related to media coverage of corruption and corrupt practices in the media and among journalists. The seminar, which is funded by the EU FP7 ANTICORRP project, will take place in …Continue reading →

The Key Issues of Plurality of the Media in Slovakia

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Invitations to two seminars

Our City

Seminar on Corruption and Public Procurement – Final Report

Dr. Dagmar Kusá počas prednášky na seminári

(Slovensky) Seminár o korupcii – materiály



seminár o korupcii a verejnom obstaravani

The Future of AVMS in Europe Event

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Liberal Fundamentalists and Religious Cartoons

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